Benefits of inventory systems for small business:

Excel spreadsheets or non-integrated inventory systems are a thing of the past.  Today software provides strong reporting, stock management and cost controls which can be a game changer for small businesses running products, components/items for manufacturing and direct sales to end users. Knowing how much stock you have on hand can enable business to support… Continue reading Benefits of inventory systems for small business:

2020 Annual ICNZB Conference

I was excited to attend the ICBNZ Annual Bookkeeping Conference in Napier last weekend and it was terrific connecting with fellow Bookies for a couple of days for intensive learning, networking, and of course, socialising!  Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the association for the last ten years, and here’s to many more!… Continue reading 2020 Annual ICNZB Conference

The Busy Christmas “Juggle Bells”

Busy business owners with little school aged kiddies will completely understand my mild panic attack when it dawned on me this morning my kids have one week of school left this year! As I write this, my ‘brain-dump’ board of everything I want and need to achieve before the delightful chaos that will ensue, is… Continue reading The Busy Christmas “Juggle Bells”

Business Efficiency… working smarter, not harder!

This last week, I have had the privilege of speaking to a number of small business owners in supporting their decisions to make their day to day operations of business more efficient. From time-saving tips to removing double handling from their workloads, I was surprised how quickly they were able to see the benefits just… Continue reading Business Efficiency… working smarter, not harder!

Give… Give… Give… then you will GET!

When I first started out self-employed in business, I had no idea how much I relied on others to support, mentor and nurture my ideas and concepts into a reality.  The support networks were everywhere, coffee groups, friends and family but It wasn't until a few weeks ago, I added my social media connections and… Continue reading Give… Give… Give… then you will GET!