Business Efficiency… working smarter, not harder!

This last week, I have had the privilege of speaking to a number of small business owners in supporting their decisions to make their day to day operations of business more efficient.

From time-saving tips to removing double handling from their workloads, I was surprised how quickly they were able to see the benefits just a couple of changes were going to make to their organisation, and more importantly the adaptation and up-take in software improvements was going to ensure they saw increased profit and freedom to do more of what they wanted.

By simply changing the way they thought about the time spent ‘in’ the daily activities and looking at ways to enhance their workflow, I could see the lightbulbs go off around the room.

One guy even said he might have time to take the family out to tea next week! (This coming from a hardworking tradie whose days start at 7am and end at 7am)… I told him to send me a selfie to hold him to it too!

Software is the easiest and simplest form of efficiency in many of today’s businesses, from Xero app integration to better management of a diary, you too will be surprised how changing just a couple of things in your own business can create more freedom to do what you love.