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During the 60-minute discovery call, we will assess your current situation and provide ideas on what actions you could consider to improve your business… some with IMMEDIATE EFFECT!

We engaged with 5 Star Admin following a download of the demo and using it on our own for several months, we realised we needed an expert to support the business and identify areas of weakness which needed enhancements and improvements for our customer experience.

Tara and her Team worked diligently through our wish list and solved challenges which reduced our expenditure and increased productivity.

We have since engaged with her to conduct all our monthly bookkeeping services and have used her for over the last 12 months. We have no hesitation in recommending 5 Star Admin as an expert in app implementation into Xero; the enhancements and cost savings she has been able to implement through automation have been exemplary.

If you want your business to run smoother, are prepared to invest in your business and ready for a game changer solution… then come up for air and let us make your business easy with tech tools designed specifically for tradies.

Our wins are your wins… as are your struggles, so let’s start so we can hurry up and celebrate your success!