When efficiency gives you more freedom

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with an entrepreneur in the starting blocks for phase two of his business.  The passion and drive he had when he spoke was infectious!

He appreciated the fact that he could not be all things to all people and still expect the current systems and processes to handle the increase in workload, he wanted some advice on great tools to make his working day more efficient and without adding to it.

Home Office Desktop View

CONSIDER THIS… How can YOU achieve more in your day? What would your freedom look like?

It’s a tough one for many to really see inside their current structure and quickly identify the ways to create more efficiency.  Below are a few questions to get you thinking further about it…

  1. What takes the most amount of time that you really hate doing? (e.g. Reconciling bank accounts)
  2. Is there anything you need or want to improve to make it better? (e.g. reduce time allocating projects)
  3. Have your internal or external customers really noticed something and mentioned it to you? (e.g. follow up emails)

In our experience, software and apps should be the first start for increasing efficiency.  However, you don’t want to be trialing several apps, or spending hours scrolling through reviews to see what you think. 

Get a specialist involved and use their experience, knowledge and expertise to do it for you. 

After all… isn’t this the start of being efficient?